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  • We started this cohort on Friday, February 12, 2021, but it is not too late to join!
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Welcome to Teaching Online Effectively21 (TOnE21)!

Course Description

For the next eight weeks, we'll dive into some key ideas to help you design your course with flexibility in mind. Whether you need to put your full course online this summer/fall, or you want to include more online elements in your campus course, we hope that this mini-course provides the information and resources you need.

Another key focus of our time together is to build a Community of Inquiry - a forum where we can share resources, experiences, and ideas about course design.

Our focus this time around will be on giving you some tools and competencies you can use to design and run your courses with asynchronicity in mind. We know that Zoom is uniquely fatiguing for both instructors and learners, so this course will model how to take the next step from a 'one-to-many' transmission model, to a 'many-to-many' transformational model of teaching and learning.

We have spread out the interactions in the course over eight weeks instead of four to provide you with a little more thinking space and time to consider what we offer. We will also reduce the emphasis on 'content' distribution in our synchronous meetings and instead share that asynchronously via our course blog at multi-access.twu.ca/tone21.

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Essential Questions

Here are some questions we hope to answer over the next 8 weeks. Keep in mind this isn't a list of your questions, so let us know if we are missing anything!

  1. What are some key differences between face-to-face and online modalities?
  2. How can someone build an online course?
  3. How is learning assessed in the online modality?
  4. How do connections form between learners and instructors online?
  5. How does community form online?
  6. What technology tools should be used in online learning?

Learning Activities

We have included several learning activities throughout the course and you are welcome to complete these activities and discuss them with your learning pod. They are not required and will not be formally assessed. It is likely that there are more activities available than you will have time to complete.

One way to engage with each other is to post your responses to and reflections about the learning activities on one of the unit forums in Moodle. Alternately, you are welcome to create a blog at our TWU WordPress site and we would be happy to syndicate your posts to the course site.

Useful Resources

The following Zotero Group Library is open and will be updated regularly.

TWU TOnE Library

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