Important Reminders

  • This course is scheduled to begin Monday April 6, 2020.

Welcome to Teaching Online Effectively (TOnE)!

Course Description

For the next three weeks, we'll dive into some key ideas to help you design your course. Whether you need to put your full course online this summer/fall, or you want to include more online elements in your campus course, we hope that this mini-course provides the information and resources you need.

Another key focus of our time together is to build a Community of Inquiry - a forum where we can share resources, experiences, and ideas about course design.

Welcome Video from Kelly Marjanovic (sign in to MS Stream using your TWU Pass credentials)

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Course Topics

This mini-course is organized into 6 units:

Week 1: April 6-10 - Course Planning
  1. Online Course Design Principles
  2. Course Design Process & Elements
Week 2: April 13-17 - Learning Activities & Assessment
  1. Engaging Learning Activities & Assessment Strategies
  2. Teaching Online & Building Community
Week 3: April 20-24 - Digitally Mediated Teaching and Learning
  1. Technology and Learning / Learning Technology
  2. Digital Tools and Resources (e.g. Moodle, WordPress, Zoom)

Synchronous Zoom Sessions

Here is an overview of the synchronous sessions we'll be facilitating during this mini-course:

Zoom sessions are scheduled for 60 minutes.

Date Time Description Facilitators
Mon Apr 6 11:00 am PDT Introduction to Course; Navigation; Moodle set-up; Design Principles Colin & Scott
Wed Apr 8 11:00 am PDT Course Design Process Kelly
Thu Apr 9 11:00 am PDT Open Session - Q & A Colin, Scott, & Kelly
Tue Apr 14 11:00 am PDT Learning Activities Kelly
Wed Apr 15 11:00 am PDT Assessments Kelly
Fri Apr 17 11:00 am PDT Open Session - Q & A Colin & Scott
Mon Apr 20 11:00 am PDT Technology Colin, Scott & Kelly
Wed Apr 22 11:00 am PDT Tech Tools Colin & Scott
Fri Apr 24 11:00 am PDT Wrap Up and Sharing Session Colin, Scott, & Kelly

Zoom link: Please join us at: https://twu.zoom.us/j/385049508 Meeting ID: 385 049 508

Before each session, you may want to look at the week's topics and the Unit's Activity Checklist.

Navigation For information on how to navigate through this course on Moodle, see here.

Learning Outcomes

After successfully completing the course, you will be able to:

  • Examine evidence-based teaching practices and techniques;
  • Plan and design interactive learning experiences to meet learning outcomes;
  • Analyze the characteristics of online teaching within theoretical models of blended teaching and learning;
  • Evaluate the quality of feedback in light of evidence-based research;
  • Apply multi-modal communication and collaboration tools effectively to support learning in a higher education context;
  • Explore and evaluate a range of digital media, technologies and communities appropriate for supporting learning;
  • Evaluate interactions in a learning environment and develop strategies for high quality educative interactions;
  • Engage in a Community of Inquiry and discuss applications for your learning/teaching context.

Required Texts and Materials

  • CORE TEXT: Bates, T. (2015). Teaching in a digital age. 2nd Edition. Victoria : BCcampus, BC Open Textbook Project, 2019.
  • All resources will be provided online.

Facilitator Introductions

Kelly Marjanovic, Instructional Designer

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Kelly's Self-introduction Video

Colin Madland, Manager, Online Learning and Instructional Technology

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Colin's Self-introduction Video

Scott Macklin, Executive Director GLOBAL Online …a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

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Scott's Self-introduction Video


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